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Birthday Messages and Their Importance

Every year we celebrate our birthday of our relatives, friends and love ones. The most important thing on this day is words, feelings and expressions. These things are beyond everything and they express each and every relation. Birthday gifts are also given to celebrate this day in a special manner. Famous birthday quotes and messages are also used on this special day to express your feelings.

  • download (3)Birthday message on a card:  People use to write birthday messages on birthday cards and give to their love ones. Now day’s new technology has been launched and people use to record their videos and record a special message so that the other person can be inspired of it. As you know that video message has more impact on a person if compared with a written birthday message.


  • Songs: There are a bundle of birthday messages that people use to write on birthday gifts and cards and present them to the person who has his birthday. A lot of people use to sing birthday songs and covey a special message on this occasion. You may also use some famous birthday quotes that suit the person personality and thoughts as well. Some famous birthday quotes that can be used for your love ones are as follow:

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  • Special Words: “Happy birthday my dear and many happy returns in the years to come”. This can be the perfect birthday message that you can write on a birthday card or can record a video and can say these words into it. You can also say these words verbally and yes they will have great impact on the other person.
  • download (11)Try some famous poets: Another famous birthday message is “Growing old is like being penalized like a crime that is not committed.” This famous quote is writer by Mr. Anthony Powell. This is the most famous message that is used by a lot of people on the special event of birthday.
  • Try some musical instrument: If you feel that saying or writing a birthday message may not be that much impressive then you can sing a song on a special birthday message. You have to practice it on a piano or a guitar. You can also use any other musical instrument in which you feel your expert and can play it well. Never try to sing a song while playing drums as it will be noisy and may not be a good idea to express your feelings. You can try a musical instrument that can be played on low notes and your words may have more power in them. Try to express your birthday message alone or in front of everyone. If the birthday message is for your boyfriend or girlfriend then you may prefer to say this message alone. If the birthday is of your friend then you may say it in front of everyone. Saying it in front of everyone will have great impact on it.
  • download (12)Try some books: A lot of people use to copy birthday messages from different books, writers and internet. Try to invent your own message so that it can have more deep impact. As you know it’s very easy to copy a birthday message but producing a new one will be very different idea. Your friend or love one will definitely love this idea and will be closer to you. On the other hand if you notice that people who never use any birthday messages and just present a birthday gift without saying a special message are so dull and boring. They can never express their feelings and yes they will never get their love into their life. Words play very important part in our life and if they are not said then no one can understand our feelings. So try to use a birthday message or just produce a simple one from your own. You don’t have to be more creative. Just be simple and express your feelings.
  • Gestures and words: You will feel a great difference among your relation. You will feel that the other person will get closer to you if you will use a best birthday message for him/her. Try to express your feelings in the form of gestures and words. Only then you can get a person into your life. Without saying anything you can never have anyone into your life. Words are not just spoken but they have great power in them. That’s why people use to follow famous authors and writers so that they can copy their words and can impress their love ones.
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