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Birthday wishes

Birthday is a wonderful day and everyone feel special on this special day. A lot of people give gifts and cards on this day so that they can feel special. But giving gifts and cards is an ordinary style so now day’s people want to try something unique.

  • download (2)Unique Methods: There are many unique ways that a person can try on a birthday of his friend or anyone else. So try some unique birthday wishes and surprise a person who is having his/her birthday. Make a difference and try something unique. You can send birthday wishes by transferring some flowers with your wishes written on a paper or a card. If you think that your friend loves pet then you can ask an organization who look after pets or animals to arrange a small party for your friend with few animals. This is another unique way to celebrate your friend birthday and to give him birthday wishes. Your friend will love this kind of birthday wishes.


  • Say from your heart: A lot of people think that giving a gift will be dearer to the person who is having his/her birthday. Try to be more mature and you will feel the difference that birthday gift and birthday wishes has hell of difference. If you’re going to give birthday wishes then you tell the other person that how much place he has in your life. On the other hand if you will give a gift without saying any words then that gift is not going to have any other feelings on your friend’s heart. You can understand this thing with the passage of time. As much experience you will have you can easily understand that words have more power then gifts.

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  • Words are more important: Words are can also be considered the best feed for anyone. You can feed your relationship with words and can tell other person how you feel for him/her.  You can also make a birthday cake and can write some special birthday wishes on the cake.

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  • Arrange a meal: Or you can also arrange a meal at famous restaurant and you can present a birthday card that has all those wishes that you want to say to other person. Birthday wishes can not only be given with gifts, flowers or a birthday cake. You can also choose some unique things that may help you to make your birthday wishes stronger.
  • Try photography: You can try some photographs and write some birthday wishes on a side of it. The photograph can be of you and your friend. It can be also of your lover. You can try plenty of different options with photographs.
  • Scrap Book: You can also try some scraping books. You can paste some cool things into a scrap book and can write different birthday wishes in it. This can help you to be more organized and you can clearly say that you want to. Moreover you can also say your heart feelings. You can also take support of baby, a pet or a plant. It depends what is the choice of your lover or friend.

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  • Try some natural things:  He loves nature then you can take a plant and can attach a note with it. You can write all birthday wishes on it and can give to your friend. If your friend loves pets then you can buy a puppy and can place him in a basket with a note with your wishes written on it. You can also take baby turtle and can place it in a sand home and can gift to your friend. There are plenty of options that can be used to gift to your friend and convey your birthday wishes.

By following all above given tips a person can know different methods of sending birthday wishes to your friend or your lover. It’s all about being creative. You can be as creative as you want and can send birthday wishes to anyone around the globe. The other person who will be getting your birthday wishes will love it and will have more respect for you. So just choose any single option from above given ideas and send best birthday wishes to anyone that is close to your heart. As you know that birthday wishes are always special and they must have some special effect in them. Once you will send the birthday wishes you can feel the great change in your relation with other person. If he is your friend then your friendship will be deeper and if it’s your lover then your love relation is going to be for whole life.


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